13 dic. 2017

Christmas in Canada

This week we are discussing Christmas traditions from Canada and how they are different and similar to the Christmas traditions in Spain.

12 dic. 2017

Snowflake Activity - 3C

Today in 3C we made snowflakes out of popsicle sticks & decorated them with glitter and stickers. They will look very beautiful on our Christmas trees at home :)

Snowmen Activity - 2C & 2D

On Monday, classes 2C & 2D made snowmen out of cotton balls! On Monday night my friends in Canada called to tell me that is had snowed for the first time this Christmas season.

7 dic. 2017

La reproduction asexuée des plantes
Voici une vidéo qui explique en français comment s'effectue la reproduction asexuée des plantes. Prévue pour les 5emes. 

30 nov. 2017

Sciences naturelles niveau 3º

Le système solaire
Avec les classes de 3º, nous commençons à explorer le systeme solaire en français; voici un exemple de vidéo que nous regardons ensemble. Nous les commentons et les expliquons. Ici, nous avons une explication de la différence entre le jour et la nuit !

28 nov. 2017

Layers of the Earth Activity - 3C & 3D

Today in 3C & 3D we learned about the layers of the earth (the core, the mantle, and the crust) by making model planet earths out of plasticine.

Birds Activity - 2C & 2D

On Monday, classes 2C and 2D made paper birds to learn about the wings, beak, and body of a bird.